Cafe Socrates in the News.

Cafe Socrates in the News.

The minimum wage debate comes to San Diego.  So How much do you spend on eating out each month?  Restaurants are going to be raising prices.  What does the mean for restaurant goers?

A new study links higher bills to minimum wage hikes.

Cafe Socrates On ABC 10 News

San Diegans are continuing to experience sticker shock when they sit down to eat at local restaurants, and many of the owners are blaming minimum wage hikes.  Read More





San Diegans keep paying more to dine out

In June, city of San Diego voters elected to raise minimum wage to $10.50 an hour, starting in July. The Minimum wage law requires an increases to $11.50 an hour in January 2017.

Faradjian said he can’t raise prices too much because of what’s next door at the Fashion Valley food court you have Rubios, Sarku, Stone Oven and Panda Express.  So you have to keep the cost of food affordable or you won’t have any customers.  Also you need to make a profit.  If you are not making a profit you can’t stay in business.

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